Sunday, September 13, 2015

Vintage vibes

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Well good day everyone!
Happy sunday and I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
Mine was pretty simple. Just hanging around at old friend's houses, drinking coffee, thinking about the future, exchanging books. Little life pleasures that we will miss, since our lifes are taking different directions.
And so I decided to go for vintage looks this weekend, for no special reason at all. Just because it felt right.
And if it's a vintage look, it will certainly include high waisted jeans, croped tops, floral dresses and brown leather bags.
Don't you get that feeling that you were born in the wrong generation, that you would have done so much better if you were a '60's young man/women?  I do, and quite often. And I use my clothes and my style as a time machine.
Hope you like the post.

Lots of Love.

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