Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sun kissed

September 16 and I still can't get enough of the beach. So I took the day off just to spend some hours swimming, tanning and reading. It felt like I had the urgent need to soak up some sun, to get back partially to those crazy summer days. Except the fact that this one was the complete opposite. Away from the city and the daily routine and it certainly ended up well, cause the beach was whole mine to enjoy. If you look closely you'll notice that I was wearing bright colors and then for swimwear, black and grey. It doesn't makes much sense, does it?
Anyways, my advice for everybody is to experience some vacations (or at least a weekend) on september. It's so quiet and peaceful, you won't regret it.
Happy rest of the week.
'Till next time.
Lots of Love

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A touch of white

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Apparently I've got a thing about the white color. I don't know what it is, I just know that I feel more comfortable, confident and myself if I put on something white everyday. So the silver medal goes definitely to the white. And since these days you can't know for sure if it's gone be cold or hot, two hours after leaving home, you gotta find a middle way to go through the day. Long sleeve t-shirts and short jeans. I'm not ready yet for giving up on shorts, even if the tan is fading, so I'll keep wearing them for a little while.
Have a great week everyone.
Lots of Love.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Vintage vibes

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Well good day everyone!
Happy sunday and I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
Mine was pretty simple. Just hanging around at old friend's houses, drinking coffee, thinking about the future, exchanging books. Little life pleasures that we will miss, since our lifes are taking different directions.
And so I decided to go for vintage looks this weekend, for no special reason at all. Just because it felt right.
And if it's a vintage look, it will certainly include high waisted jeans, croped tops, floral dresses and brown leather bags.
Don't you get that feeling that you were born in the wrong generation, that you would have done so much better if you were a '60's young man/women?  I do, and quite often. And I use my clothes and my style as a time machine.
Hope you like the post.

Lots of Love.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Jump on a suit

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Hello from somewhere,
Since this was a super busy, tiring, full of job interviews day I decided to go for the most comfortable outfit in my wardrobe. I like to call it 'The autumn jumpsuit', because it's perfect for this time of the year, where everybody's schedules gets a little heavy.
Well, you don't have to jump on a suit to look nice and stylish, when you can simply wear a jumpsuit.
As you can see, the photos are a pure evidence of my long day, since most of them are taken while I was restoring some energy.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Blue days

Greetings from Sazan Island.
This was a simple beach look and as you know there is no summer without stripes. Well, if I take a closer look at my wardrobe there is no season without all kind of stripes. After black trust me, you can never fail a look if you put some stripes on it. Hope you enjoy my little adventure at the sea. Oh, and I also made some friends. The handsome gentleman Spike. Can you tell where he is? He was so fluffy and lovely.

Lots of love.